-This beautiful lady is named Alaska! This 22,9 kilos dog still has everything to learn.
Having lacked education and supervision in the first months of her life, it will be important to work with her to teach her the right behaviors.
-Potty training is not yet a given for this beauty; treats will be your best allies in teaching her to ask for the door. Her enthusiasm leads her to jump on people and pull on a leash.
-She has also been known to destroy things (oops!) So you’ll have to plan to use up all her energy every day to keep her from getting into trouble! Bones will be particularly important in order to satisfy her need to chew. A good management of the environment, notably with fences or enclosures, could also help during her education. The adaptation to solitude will also have to be done gradually so that she learns to stay alone very gently.
-Alaska has a good potential to accompany you in your sporting activities: running and harness sports would be nice activities to do with the beautiful love. Alaska is a great project for people who are looking for a dog to work with in positive reinforcement.
-Alaska will have to be spayed before being adopted.

A deposit of 300$ will be required at the time of adoption for dog behavior classes!