Hello, my name is Milady and I am back at the Shelter.


I am a lady of 1 year Ā½ old and weigh 21,20 kg.


At first contact I can show fearfulness. I express my discomfort by barking loudly in my pen. Once I am spoken to gently and offered liver jerky I adapt more easily. I am a food motivated dog and love to learn new things. At the shelter, my reactions seem worse with men.

Once I am at ease , I am affectionate and love to have my butt scratched.


I will need a family that is comfortable with large and powerful dogs that tend to jump because when I get excited that is what I do. I also have a tendency to pull on leash. In my future home I will need a gradual introduction with guests.


The first time I arrived at the shelter I was a stray so the shelter does not know my past. Unfortunately I came back to the shelter because I was crying, barking and scratching at the door during lonely times. I havenā€™t been away from the shelter long enough to know if this is something that will last or if I just need a longer than normal adjustment period. I am a very active lady so my future family will have to plan 2 hours of physical exercices, things to chew on and interactive toys every day.

I have started medication to help me manage my emotions and it is possible that this medication will be neede forever to make me feel better.


You can see on the pictures and my video how beatiful and endearing I am. Many staff and volunteers love me.


Fill out a form with the name Milady to come and meet me!