Noosa (adopted) & Vegas

in foster home

Noosa (adopted) and Vegas (1 year old) are two beautiful girls currently in foster care. Noosa is full of energy and is very playful and curious, until now she has not had much human contact and is slowly learning to trust in her foster home. Because of her curiosity, she has a real potential to get out of trouble, but for the moment she prefers to play than to come and look for contact. It will take some time for her to learn to appreciate being petted.

Vegas is more reserved by nature, a little more quiet, she moves more freely than at the beginning in her foster family, but still remains awkward, she is a great greedy so with a lot of patience and gentleness it will be possible to conquer her heart quietly. For the moment she doesn’t necessarily appreciate petting, but with a calm environment, patience and a LOT of treats for her greedy little stomach, it will be perfect to gain her trust.

Whether it’s Noosa or Vegas, they will both need to find a family that is patient and comfortable working over several weeks to help them gain confidence. These two kittens have great potential to develop, they have already made countless improvements since their arrival.

Noosa will need a little more patience and rigor to be 100% housebroken.

Which one will make your heart fall in love?