Taiyo is a beautiful 1 year old boy weighing 28 kg!

Having been found as a stray, we don’t have much information about him but we’ll tell you what we do know! This cute pooch is full of energy, he’s a young dog so it’s normal, but he will need to be exercised enough and daily!

He is not a good candidate for long periods of solitude so it will have to be integrated gradually. He loves homemade popsicles, interactive toys, moderating bowls, anything that will exhaust him by making him work mentally, which will make things easier for you at home!  

He jumps, pulls on a leash and does everything like a big, beautiful teenager who needs to be taught manners! Despite his boundless energy, he loves to be petted and knows how to be loved. Remember that he loves food and that will help him learn.

Before leaving the shelter, Taiyo must be neutered!