Injured or sick wildlife: what to do and to avoid?

It seems natural to us to want to help an injured or sick wild animal, especially when it’s in our urban environment and in front of our eyes. HOWEVER, it is important to follow a few rules so as not to make the situation worse.


  • approach the hurt animal: this will only stress it further!
  • try to feed it: you risk getting bitten and/or catching a disease that is contagious to humans.

✅ DO:

  • take down the information of the place where the animal is located
  • contact Proanima at 450-655-2525 ext. 0. Our team will find a solution and contact the ministère de la Faune if necessary.

REMEMBER: at all times, you should NOT feed a wild animal because it can become dependent on humans, no longer fear them and get too close to our homes. Even if we want to help suffering animals, it is important to do the right thing to avoid the spread of a transmissible disease or any other danger to the public.

To avoid having a wild animal lurking around your home, keep your trash cans securely closed, do not leave your pets’ food outside, and close any potential hiding places.

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