Emergency help during crisis situation

In an effort to prevent animals from being abandoned an essential part of our mission in helping animals is to offer services and help to their humans. All of us are well aware that any of us can go through particularly difficult times and can find ourselves within a crisis situation. In this context stresses and distress can increase when you have an animal to care for.  

What services do you offer at times of crisis?

In an effort to help lower income communities, if an owner is in difficulty Proanima can provide temporary lodging for an animal and may also donate food for an animal of a citizens with no revenue. 

Who should contact Proanima?

Intermediary organizations or professionals such as social workers, homeless shelters, medical personnel, police services or the Red Cross can contact us in case people need help with their pet.

In which case would these services apply?

Here are a few examples where our temporary shelter/food services would apply (not a complete list/other examples may apply) :

  • Emergency hospitalization
  • Violence at home
  • Homelessness
  • House fire
  • Transfer to prison
  • Stay at detoxification center

Need help? Contact us

What will happen if I need to abandon my animal?

Bring your animal to Proanima and what to expect :

  • You make an appointment and a meeting follows with full confidentiality
  • To better know your animal we ask that you fill out a form
  • No fees are charged (just a donation which is voluntary)
  • Upon arrival the animal receives a medical examination

What your animal can expect :

  • Dedicated volunteers with your pets best interest in mind
  • A staff of veterinarians offering personalized care
  • A comfortable and modern setting
  • Animal behavior professionals
  • An caring team with experience with all types of animals
  • Quality food


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