Lost or Found Pets

Here you can see all the stray pets currently residing at our shelter. If you spot your pet, contact us immediately. Don’t see a photo of your lost friend? Check out the What to Do section for help finding it.


25 January 2021

Let’s Talk About Declawing

Facts About Declawing Despite the cultural evolution on the subject, declawing continues to be freely and often used in Quebec. However, it is important to know several facts about declawing […]

25 January 2021

Animals Living Together

  We often take it for granted that our pet will quickly get along with a newcomer. But welcoming a stranger to their territory can be difficult for your companion. […]

25 January 2021

Obesity in Our Pets

“I have some extra love for my animal. I am therefore as generous with his food as I am with my affection for him!” Did you know that by not […]

About Proanima

Proanima (Proanima) provides care and temporary housing for stray and abandoned pets in our partner municipalities. Our priority: getting those animals returned to their owners or adopted by a new family! We provide high-quality services inspired by best practices in shelter medicine.

Partner Municipality By-Laws: