Proanima: Serving Citizens and Animals.

Welcome to Proanima’s website, a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding citizens and helping animals. For over 10 years we are committed in supporting both animals and the citizens in our community. Need resources and support? Proanima is here for you.

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Help our animals

Your financial aide is indispensable, this is especially true during our present global predicaments. We aspire to continue our mission for the well-being of animals and their humans. For this to happen, we need you.

A variety of services

Available throughout our municipalities


Our sterilization program aims to control the cat population, while improving their health and quality of life. Help us reduce animal overpopulation by participating in this program.

Accommodation of animals in an emergency

If you have noticed an animal being mistreated or neglected, report it to Proanima to help protect vulnerable animals and promote their well-being.


What to do when you find wildlife or an injured animal? Did you find a baby squirrel? Do you need transportation? We can assist you!

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Be the first

Email alerts

Be the first to know when an animal is ready for adoption or if an animal is lost. Stay informed – all the news regarding our organization


Would you like to work with us?

Our growing organization is often on the lookout for new talent.

Dog in the arms of an employee
Dog in the arms of an employee

Our Partners

A warm thank you

We would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to our partners for their support and contributions towards our achieving our mission for the wellness of animals and their humans.

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