Educational Program

For several years, we have been offering free visits to schools in the region in order to raise awareness and inform children about the animal cause. This educational program is possible thanks to our partner Desjardins.

Classroom activity with Proanima

What does our educational program represent?

Beyond simply talking about animals in the classrooms, this program teaches important values to our children such as empathy, commitment, and responsibility towards an animal.

Our sponsorship with Desjardins has allowed us to develop educational materials such as activity books and video clips. These tools, both educational and fun, allow us to raise awareness and inform students about the importance of animal welfare, bite prevention and how to take good care of their four-legged friends.

How to benefit from our program?

Are you a teacher? A school board? A parent ? Are you interested in our program? Our program is offered to primary schools in the cities within our territory and Brossard.

Little boy giving a kiss to his beige dog

Great values

This instills in them essential values ​​and emphasizes the importance of animals in our lives, while emphasizing that these are not toys and that they represent a real commitment.

Awareness is the very first step in preventing abandonment. A well-informed child will become a responsible and prudent adult. It is therefore imperative for our body to be present on this front.

In 2021

77 classes received our capsules and 1,566 notebooks were distributed.

In all, more than 1,600 students were made aware of the animal cause.

Student doing an activity in his Proanima notebook
White cat lying on the legs of someone who pets it.
Classroom activity with a Proanima expert
Proanima capsules
Proanima video activity

A variety of services

Available throughout our municipalities


Our sterilization program aims to control the cat population, while improving their health and quality of life. Help us reduce animal overpopulation by participating in this program.

Accommodation of animals in an emergency

If you have noticed an animal being mistreated or neglected, report it to Proanima to help protect vulnerable animals and promote their well-being.


What to do when you find wildlife or an injured animal? Did you find a baby squirrel? Do you need transportation? We can assist you!