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Are you a company and want to make a difference for the animal cause? Contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

Bouledogue francais avec un chandail qui regarde la caméra
Un chien noir et blanc souriant regarde la caméra
Petit cochon d'inde brun et blanc qui est sur un bureau de travail en avant d'un laptop
Lapin gris sur un divan à la maison

Our current partners

Join us as a partner at Proanima and together, let’s make a difference for animals! By supporting our cause, you will help promote animal welfare and fight against cruelty. Consult our sponsorship plan to find out how you can become a valuable partner in this essential mission.

1st Choice Nutrition
Our thanks go to First Choice, which generously provides their food to feed the shelter’s cats and dogs.
Thanks to Mondou for financing our dental equipment.
Banque Desjardins
Thanks to Desjardins, which finances our educative program of sensitization in schools.
Golden adult lying on her master's bed while she works


Help our animals

Your financial aide is indispensable, this is especially true during our present global predicaments. We aspire to continue our mission for the well-being of animals and their humans. For this to happen, we need you.