Foster Family

Why become a Foster Family?

  • To actively contribute voluntarily to our mission; to increase the number of animals saved each year.
  • To offer the animals a comfortable, safe environment while they wait to find their permanent family.
  • To free up space at the shelter for incoming animals.
Black and white dog and ginger and white cat outdoors, happy

What are the criterias?


To be available to look after the animal as you would your own and on a daily basis.


The households dogs and cats must be sterilized and vaccinated.


Have a room which could act as an isolation area for the time necessary as suggested by Proanima.


Be easily reachable and able to go to the shelter depending on the needs of the animal.


Additional criteria to become a foster family hosting for a litter of kittens; Often be at your home + be comfortable giving medications (fluides, de-worming, tracking of weight, etc.)


Additional Criteria for kittens which are not yet weaned: attend a course offered by Proanima on the subject of the feeding bottle.

Which animals stay with foster families?


Originally our Foster Family Program was created for cats (adults, senoir, ill, timide, litters of kittens with and without their mother). On occasion an exotic animals such as rabbits could be fostered.

Choice of animal

You can not choose the animal to foster. The animals beng offered to foster families are selected depending on the needs of the animal and our priorities.

Future projects

Our program has not yet been developed to foster dogs.

How to become a foster family?

  • Familiarize yourself with the document stating the division of responsibilities between the foster family and Proanima.
    Note that we fournish the litter and food for the duration of the fostering.
  • Fill out the online application form.
  • We will contact you upon receiving your application form and considering your profile and our needs at that moment.