Abandoning your animal

The essential part of our mission regarding animals is to offer help to their humans
by preventing animal abandonment.

What alternatives exist regarding animal abandonment?

  • Many very good veterinary clinics offer telephone support when you have concerns about an animals health.
  • Sometimes, one consultation is all that is needed to fix a health or behaviour problem.
  • If you have financial problems, there are clinics which offer payment arrangements including installments or aid programs to help low-income citizens.
  • Plan your move several months in advance to find an accommodation which accepts animals. To help you in your search consult the following website.
  • Offer to the owner the possibility of making a deposit to compensate for any fees in case of damages.
  • Write a document showing your willingness to respect your neighbours (sterilization and good training of your animal, scoop/poop outside, etc.)
  • Regularly pass the vacuum to eliminate pet fur/hair.
  • Request a family member to frequently brush the animal.
  • Request a family member to frequently brush the animal.
  • Prevent your animal from sleeping on your bed or clothing.
  • Wash your hands after touching your animal.
  • Think about implicating your children and other members of the family within the tasks to get done. This is a great way to teach children; that with an animal comes responsibilities.
  • You can research to find a dog walker or animal sitter. These are often teenagers who like child sitters come and occupy your animal
    during your absence.
  • There are many centers which for a fee, board animals for one or several days – a good option if one works long hours.
  • Firstly, consult a veterinarian. Soiling or being unclean can be linked with the need to mark territory. (If they are not sterilized) or a urinary problem. Sterilization or a simple antibiotic treatment can often solve the problem.
  • If their health is not the problem, then the environment of the animal needs to be reviewed. Consult a dog or cat breeder. For example, soiling or uncleanliness could occur on occasion when a litter box is badly positioned within a house
  • IT IS NECESSARY TO AVOID WAITING, as bad behaviours grow with time which then worsens the situation. Ultimately the situation then becomes more difficult to solve.
  • Certain behaviour problems could be caused by underlying health problems. Pain for example can affect the character of an animal. Do not hesitate to consult a
  • Consult an educator to obtain the best information possible such as;
    • Regroupement Québécois des Intervenants en Éducation canine
    • L’Association Professionnelle des Comportementalistes Praticiens (APCP)
  • If you have difficulties with a cat, we suggest consulting with the website; educhateur.com This website is filled with information and simple/ fast solutions.
Chat brun avec une laisse bleue autour du cou

You have tried but you can not keep your animal?

Do your best to establish a good life for your animal in a new home. Perhaps
a family member, a friend, a co-worker, or a neighbour would be happy to have the animal.

Consult our full article regarding the re-homing of your pet.

Deux chiens qui courent dans le désert

I really must abandon animal to your shelter.

What are the steps?
  1. D’abord, assurez-vous que nous desservons votre municipalité. Si ce n’est pas le cas,
    contactez votre mairie qui pourra vous aiguiller.
  2. If you are a citizen of a municipality we serve, contact us to receive an appointment.
  3. Bring the health book of the animal to your appointment.
  4. You will be asked to fill out a form to receive as much information as possible regarding the habits and routines of your animal.

There is no fee for the abandonment of your animal however we do ask simply for a voluntary donation to support our mission.

If you have a child, prepare them for this difficult moment. Download this page document.

Document PDF - Abandonner son animal expliquer aux enfants

The following days at the shelter for your animal;

  • Dedicated volunteers for animal wellbeing.
  • A veterinary team and adapted care
  • Comfortable and modern facility
  • Animal behaviour professionals
  • A team with heart and experience with all types of animals.
  • Nutritious/quality food
Chien brun couché dans son lit, avec une couverture
Chien brun couché dans son lit, avec une couverture

What will happen after the abandonment to the shelter?

Options & possibilities for an animal at Proanima

Foster family
Partnered Pet Store
Adaptive Rescue Group
Humanitarian Euthanasia

Gentle injection given by a veterinarian. Euthanasians are limited to the situation
whereas it is the most ethical option for the wellbeing of the animal and the community (very ill and dangerous animals)