Pont Jacques-Cartier Montréal

New Partnership with the City of Montreal

We take great pride in announcing our new partnership with the City of Montreal in assuming the animal management responsibilities throughout the entirety of the City of Montreal. As of January 2026, we will operate a new shelter in the East End of Montreal with the eventual opening of a second shelter to be located…

23 November 2023

Quoi faire quand tu as perdu ton animal?

What to do? Have you lost your pet?

Losing a pet is a stressful experience for both you and your animal. We want to help you find your pet as soon as possible!

19 April 2023

Socializing a puppy: even before birth!

When you adopt a puppy, you already know that there will be a lot of socialization work to do in the first few months. Exposure to different stimuli, desensitization, socialization with other puppies, etc. What you may not know is that the socialization process begins long before your pet is born and that the people…

15 June 2022

Things to Think About Before Surrendering a Pet to a Shelter

Whether it is because of a move, a vacation, or problems at home, surrendering an animal is something that should be carefully considered and done as a last resort. Shelters like ours are overflowing during the summer months and the number of surrenders takes up a lot of our resources. It is therefore important to…

12 April 2022

Is That Cat Lost or Not?

You’re probably familiar with the many Facebook posts about cats wandering around in people’s yards, titled, “Is this your cat?” Rain or shine, many cats wander around our neighbourhoods. Cats are opportunists at heart, and may even go so far as to beg for food from friendly neighbours. ‼️ However, we must be careful not…

12 April 2022

How to Find a New Family for My Pet?

It is never easy to have to give up your pet. First of all, we strongly suggest that you read our advice articles about ways to keep your pet in your family. If you cannot find a resolution to your problem, you can write to us at info@proanima.com so that we can advise you properly….

28 January 2022

3 Mistakes to Avoid to Successfully Potty Train Your Puppy

When it comes to potty training our puppies, we tend to listen to everything we hear online and from those around us. However, by doing so, we can unintentionally make things worse and slow down a puppy’s learning process. It is therefore important to know the basics of canine behaviour and to be equipped with…

28 January 2022

Preventing dog bites: how to protect children

“A dog bit a child in the face.” “A man was bitten on the neck by the neighbour’s dog.” “A woman was seriously bitten by her dog.” We always think the same thing:“my dog will never bite, he’s way too sweet!” And yet… Bam! Out of nowhere, our sweet pup did something terrible. We often…

14 July 2021

Travelling With Your Pet: Ideas and Tips

Summer is finally here! Now is a great time to plan a trip or just activities and outings with family and friends. What about your pet? Depending on their behaviour, it may not always be advisable to bring them with you. Some animals are more anxious than others about changes and transportation. But others will…

14 July 2021

Let’s Talk About Declawing

Facts About Declawing Despite the cultural evolution on the subject, declawing continues to be freely and often used in Quebec. However, it is important to know several facts about declawing recognized by many professionals in the veterinary and behavioural fields. In addition to the pain the cat feels after the surgery, declawing can lead to…

25 January 2021

Animals Living Together

  We often take it for granted that our pet will quickly get along with a newcomer. But welcoming a stranger to their territory can be difficult for your companion. Most of the time, if they are introduced too quickly, the two animals can have a bad start to their relationship, which will be difficult…

25 January 2021

Obesity in Our Pets

“I have some extra love for my animal. I am therefore as generous with his food as I am with my affection for him!” Did you know that by not paying attention to your pet’s diet, you increase their risk of health problems, in addition to affecting their daily well-being? By overfeeding them or giving…

25 January 2021