Help us in our mission for animals

Your financial aid is indispensable, and this is especially true during our current global context. We want more than anything to preserve our mission for animals and their humans. To accomplish this, we need you.

Where do your donations go?

  • Towards medical care specific to certain animals (x-rays, blood analysis, etc.)
  • The improvement of the living spaces of our animals.
  • Towards the development of our educational program for sensitization of children.
  • Towards financing our cat sterilization program for low-income citizens of the municipalities we serve.
  • Towards the financing of our orphaned kittens program.


You can make a difference in the lives of our animals by making a secured donation* via our form.

*Please note that as a non-profit organization (NPO) and not a charitable organization, we are not able to provide a tax receipt.

Donation of items


To know what items we need now you may at any time consult our wishlist on Amazon

White cat lying on the legs of someone who pets it.

What we always need

  • Canned food for cats and kittens
  • Toys by Kong for dogs
  • Commercial food by “Whiskas” for cats
  • Apple branches for exotic animals

Items NOT currently accepted

  • Blankets, towels and sheets
  • Doggies/Soft toys
  • Aquariums
  • Broken or soiled objects
  • Dog training crates

Opening hours

Donations may be given at reception:

Boucherville: Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM and on weekends from 10AM to 4PM

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu: Monday to Friday 10AM to 5PM and on weekends from 10AM to 4PM

Other donation methods

Sponsorship Programs

Group of kittens cuddling together

Each year we receive hundreds of kittens without mothers. They must be kept warm because they are not able to regulate their temperature themselves. They also need to be bottle-fed or in certain cases fed by a catheter.

For those little orphaned kittens every hour counts, and we reach out to you for help us in offering all the resources necessary for their survival.

We can count on our extraordinary network of 40 foster families who provide care for these kittens every day. In exchange for their, and their families,’ constant efforts Proanima provides to them all materials necessary including food, milk, feeding bottles, warming discs, scales, thermometers, litterboxes, medications and all other support materials.

Here is what your donations will be used for;

  • $10. Donation: Thermometer or Feeding Bottle
  • $20. Donation: Scale
  • $25. Donation: Heating Mat (we need 15)
  • $35. Donation: Heating Disc (we need 10)
  • $40. Donation: one can of kitten milk (we need a minimum of 20 cans)
  • $60. Donation: one package of bottle heads for feeding bottles.
  • $100. Donation: one complete kit for one orphaned kitten
Senior black dog

Since the opening of the shelter, we have seen an evolution in the clientele we serve at the shelter. Presently, senior animals are part of our daily lives, and we wish to offer to them the same opportunity as offered to our younger animals.

Senior pets not only live an enormous stress at their olfer age, but often these animals when their environment changes, but often these animals suffer in silence pains of their past.

For their comfort and to allow them to find a family we invest a lot of time and resources into their care.

  • Dental care; removing tartar and teeth extraction.
  • Removal of masses
  • Blood tests to assess the health of organs.
  • X-Rays
  • Specialized diets

With the help of donations from the public, we can offer more care to our geriatric animals.

Old brown cat lying in the sun.

To contribute to the reduction of the stray cat population we have a cat sterilization clinic.

Non-sterilized cats reproduce rapidly and contribute to creating several problems within the community: nuisances to the neighbourhood (territorial marking, fights, animals in heat), development of illnesses, undernourishment, unwanted kitten births, abandonments at shelters, etc.

The Capture-Sterilization-Release-Maintain (CSRM) Program aims to capture cats from their colonies, examine them, and then vaccinate and sterilize them. If they are in sufficiently good health, they are then released within their initial area and maintained in their habitat thanks to a network of volunteer citizens called “colony guardians”. With the help and the support of the shelter, these citizens bring food and shelter to these cats who can continue to live as before.

The CSRM allows the cats to live within their natural habitat with the benefit of protection and nutritional support.