A trapping type cage allows the capture of an animal without their getting hurt.Simply install with bait inside (cat food, tuna, etc.) and activate the closing mechanism.Once the animal enters the cage to obtain the food, the door will close.

All citizens of the municipalities we service are offered the possibility of renting a trapping cage in order to capture a stray cat or wildlife (raccoon, skunk or groundhog). The use of a trapping cage to relocate solution of last resort. One should know that the relocating of an animal from their territory only leads to another unwelcome animal taking their place. Tolerance, prevention and healthy cohabitation is always preferable. You may consider the rental of a trapping cage should these proposed tips are not working to your satisfaction.

Raccoon in a cage
Raccoon in a cage

Stray cats

You may rent a trapping cage for a period of 10 days with a rental deposit of $60.

Should the cage be returned after 10 days, a fee of $5. per day will be charged.


Never leave a trapping cage unattended for log periods, in the sun or during very cold temperatures.
We do not rent trapping cages during the winter due to the risks for the animals during the cold season. Trapping cage rentals resume once the temperature permits.

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Animal transport

Our procedures for picking up and transporting animals apply to the cirizens living within the municipalities we serve. If you live in another municipality consult your municipality or your local police.

Two cats cuddling in a bed

Animal pick up

Did you find a domestic stray/ill/dead animal? We can pick up your found animal during our patrol hours from Monday to Friday 9 AM – 5 PM, and weekends 10 AM – 4 PM. Contact us at 450-652525 or

For additional information on this topic or should you have found a wildlife animal consult our “wildlife” section.