Capture cage

A capture cage (cage-trap) makes it possible to capture live animals without injuring them. Simply install a bait (cat food, tuna, etc.) and activate the device. When the animal enters the cage to reach the food, the door closes.

We offer citizens of our partner cities a capture cage rental service to catch a stray cat or wildlife (raccoon, skunk or groundhog). Using a capture cage to dislodge an animal is a last resort. You should be aware that dislodging an animal from its territory only makes way for a new, unwelcome tenant. Prevention, tolerance and healthy cohabitation are always preferable. If the tips offered here don’t work, you might consider renting a capture cage.

Raccoon in a cage
Raccoon in a cage


Never leave a capture cage unattended for a long time, in the sun or in extreme cold.
Because of the cold and the risks for the animals, we do not rent a cage during the winter. This service resumes when weather permits.

Stray cat

Vous pouvez louer une cage de capture pour une période de 10 jours, moyennant une consigne de location de 40 $.

Si la cage est retournée après le délai de 10 jours, des frais de 5$ par jour seront facturés.

Transport of animals

Our procedures for picking up and transporting animals concern the citizens of our territories served If you live in another city, contact your municipality or your police department.

Two cats cuddling in a bed

Collecting animals

Found a stray/sick/dead pet? We can pick him up during our patrol hours Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and weekends, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Contact us at 450-655-2525 or

For more information, or if you’ve found a wild animal, consult our page wild animals.