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Volunteer – Enrichment for Cats (14 years old +)

This volunteer is responsible for enriching the environment of adoptable cats though petting room outings, games, petting and attention. The volunteer must work in a team with the other volunteers and staff members. He may have to help an employee in his tasks, when required.

The volunteer must at all times obey the safety rules put in place to reduce the risk of accidents as well as the biosecurity procedures established to minimize the spread of disease and infection.

Like all employees of Proanima, the volunteer must respect the organization’s mission and code of ethics at all times and take part in the continuing education program.

Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Take all cats out and/or give them opportunities to socialize during your volunteer shift in order to provide stimulation.
  2. Obey all instructions posted on cat condos (e.g., “no treats”).
  3. Keep the petting room and condo area clean.
  4. Put away all materials that you use (toys, brushes, etc.)
  5. See to the cats’ well-being during outings.
  6. Notify the animal caretaker promptly of any behaviour or event of concern or of any noteworthy observations concerning a cat.
  7. Write your comments on the observation sheets for each animal.

Assist the Animal Caretaker when Asked

  1. Assist with condo maintenance, in accordance with the animal caretaker’s instructions.
  2. Perform any cleaning or tidying task requested by the animal caretaker (e.g., folding blankets). 1. Attend training sessions required for this position.
  3. Attend professional development sessions.

Attendance at Proanima Training Sessions

Skills and Other Requirements

  • Ability to follow clear instructions
  • At ease with all sorts of cats
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Punctual and diligent


  • Two- or three-hour shifts on a set day of the week


  • Bites
  • Scratches