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Volunteer – Refugee Dog Enrichment (18+)

The volunteer is responsible for enriching the living environment of the dogs in our shelter through outings, walks, play, caresses and attention. This volunteer must work in a team with the other staff members. He may have to help an employee in his tasks, when required.

The volunteer must at all times obey the safety rules put in place to reduce the risk of accidents as well as the biosecurity procedures established to minimize the spread of disease and infection. Note that some dogs will not have the right to go out and that this must be respected at all times.

Like all employees of Proanima, the volunteer must respect the organization’s mission and code of ethics at all times and take part in the continuing education program.

Duties and Responsibilities


  1. As a priority, all dogs (with a “Volunteer Exit Right” mention) must be taken out to the outdoor yard so that they can relieve themselves and, subsequently, be stimulated one by one (playing, walking, etc.) and this, while respecting the volunteer time slot. Dogs are not allowed to walk in the street. Pay special attention to dogs that are very strong and can pull on the leash. You must be in good physical condition for this volunteer position.
  2. Make sure that the outdoor enclosure where the dog will go is clean (i.e. free of excrement and toys).
  3. Depending on the season, place a bowl of fresh water in each outdoor enclosure.
  4. Pick up dog excrement during outdoor outings with an appropriate bag and throw it in the trash. Empty the trash can when it is full.
  5. Keep the outdoor yard clean.
  6. Obey all instructions posted on the enclosure (e.g., “no treats”).
  7. Put away all materials used during your volunteer shift (toys, leashes, etc.)
  8. On the whiteboard, note the time the dog was returned to his or her enclosure.
  9. See to the dogs’well-being during outings.
  10. Notify the animal caretaker promptly of any behaviour or event of concern or of any noteworthy observations regarding a dog.

Assist the Animal Caretaker when Asked

  1. Assist with enclosure maintenance, in accordance with the animal caretaker’s instructions.
  2. Keep all enclosures clean and tidy.

Attendance at Proanima Training Sessions

  1. Attend training sessions required for this position.
  2. Attend professional development sessions.

Skills and Other Requirements

  • Good physical condition
  • Be able to respect Proanima regulations
  • Be comfortable with all breeds and sizes of dogs
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Punctual and diligent
  • Listen and have a sense of observation


  • Two- or three-hour shifts on a set day of the week


  • Bite & scratch
  • Falls
  • Pushing/jostling
  • Damaged clothing

** For this position, we require the volunteer to be assessed by a trainer first. Following this session, an observation sheet will be completed in order to decide if the volunteer corresponds to the position. Your application may be rejected if we determine there is a risk to you, employees or animals.