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General informations

We offer sterilization service only in the cities that are listed here. If your city does not appear there, you are not entitled to the service.

Information about cats

Proanima’s Capture, Sterilization, Release and Maintenance (CSRM) program allows citizens caring for stray cats to have them sterilized free of charge. However, we require that certain care be given to the cats and that the participating citizen respects the rules of the program.

IMPORTANT: Not all citizens have the same tolerance towards stray cats. It is therefore necessary to maintain good collaboration and a respectful climate with the neighborhood. If you are a tenant or in co-ownership, you must ensure that you have the necessary authorizations from your owner or your co-ownership association before registering for the program.


• You must feed the cats every day;

• Always feed cats in the same place and at the same time. This helps establish a routine for the cats. They therefore know when they receive food and this will make your work easier on the day of capture for sterilization;

• Feed the cats between sunrise and sunset. Never leave food overnight so as not to attract wildlife (not applicable in winter);

• Do not leave empty containers lying around;

• In order not to attract other cats, do not put more food than is necessary for the number of cats registered in the program;

• Place food in several bowls to avoid conflicts between cats;

• You must provide the food;

• Always ensure that the premises are clean.
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Tips and tricks :
To reduce conflict between cats, place several food and water bowls. To keep ants away, take a flat, rimmed container and fill it with a quarter of an inch of water. Place the food bowl in the middle of the container. Water should act as a protective barrier for food.


• Water can be left on at any time unless there are raccoons present at night.

• Bowls should be cleaned regularly.

• It is necessary to ensure that cats have access to fresh water at all times, summer and winter.
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• Cats must have access to shelter at all times. They often find shelter themselves (under a patio, in a shed, etc.). However, you can offer them a small cabin so that they can protect themselves from bad weather.
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When Proanima notifies you that there is space for sterilizations, you must:

• Pick up a capture cage in exchange for a refundable deposit (NEVER bring cats in domestic cat carriers);

• Capture unsterilized cats;

• Bring cats to Proanima during opening hours;

• Return to pick up the cats the next day before the shelter closes;

• Release the cat.
I have read and agree to comply with these conditions*

Proanima will carry out the following treatments:

• Basic and rabies vaccination;

• Tattoo on the stomach and size of the tip of the left ear to indicate that it is sterilized;

• Painkiller by injection.
I have read and agree to comply with these conditions*

Conditions you must respect:

1. At any time, you can contact Proanima if you have health problems with one of the cats. Your request will be evaluated by the medical team. We will give you an appointment for the cat to be examined only if its condition requires it;

2. By being part of the program, you commit to making all necessary efforts to counter the overpopulation of stray cats. You should aim to have all cats in the colony sterilized to avoid births and nuisances;

3. If a female has kittens, you must leave them with the mother there so that she can take care of them;

4. If a female is pregnant, you must immediately contact us so that we can organize her sterilization quickly;

5. The cats you bring in for sterilization must come exclusively from your colony;

6. The cats in your colony must all return to your colony, unless Proanima decides otherwise for the well-being of the cat;

7. On request, you must return the capture cage to Proanima so that it can be loaned to another citizen.

8. If you know that you will no longer be able to take care of the colony (for example in the event of a move), you must notify Proanima 2 months in advance so that measures can be taken so that the colony relocates itself. .

9. Failure to comply with one of these conditions may result in the cancellation of your registration in the CSRM program.

10. If you decide to bring a cat from the colony inside your residence, it then becomes your cat and is no longer part of the colony. Same thing if you bring in kittens to socialize them.
I have read and agree to comply with these conditions*

IMPORTANT: at any time if you see a cat outside that is thin, weakened, injured or a pregnant female, contact us quickly at 1 833-445-2525 ext. 0

What are the next steps ?

– Proanima will notify you when there is space for sterilizations;

– Please do not follow up until we contact you.

Thank you for your collaboration.