What are your business hours?

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What are your adoption fees?
  • Kitten, four months and under: $155 + tax ($180+tx starting from January 1st 2022)
  • Cat, over four months: $125 + tax ($130+tx starting from January 1st 2022)
  • Puppy, four months and under: $310 + tax ($380+tx starting from January 1st 2022)
  • Dog, over four months: $260 + tax ($275+tx starting from January 1st 2022)
  • Rabbit, chinchilla and hedgehog : 30$+ tax
  • Neutered rabbit and ferret : 80$ + tax
  • Guinea pig, rat, gerbil, hamster, etc.) : 10$ + tax
  • Birds : 20$ + tax

Adoption fees are non-refundable, and adopted animals cannot be exchanged.

How do I adopt a pet?

To adopt a pet, please follow the adoption procedure.


Customers who already have a dog at home and who are thinking about adopting a shelter dog may come to the shelter with their dog to see how the animals get along. Make an appointment with the dog assessor if you are interested.

At Proanima, cat and dog adoption fees include spaying or neutering, microchipping, deworming and basic vaccinations. If you live in Longueuil, you will have to pay the registration fee along with the adoption fee for your cat or dog.

How long do you keep animals available for adoption?

We keep all animals available for adoption as long as it takes to find them a new home. Some animals stay with us for several months before they are adopted. If we feel that an animal is not comfortable at the shelter, we may transfer it to another shelter that participates in a foster family program.

Do you receive any purebred animals?

We occasionally receive purebred animals, but we very rarely have the breeder’s certificate. We determine an animal’s breed on the basis of its appearance alone.

Why don’t you give your animals away for free?

All animals accepted at the shelter are housed, fed and cared for by our team. In addition, all our cats and dogs available for adoption are vaccinated, dewormed, spayed or neutered and microchipped. Adoption fees cover a portion of these costs.

Where do your animals come from?

The animals accepted at our shelter have been abandoned, lost or placed under our legal custody. We collect only animals from our partner municipalities (Longueuil, Boucherville and Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville).

How do you decide which animals are put up for adoption?

A multidisciplinary team assesses the health and behaviour of all animals to determine which ones are most suitable for adoption. A number of other factors are also taken into account, including our care capacity, a lack of adopters for certain types of animals, and so on.

What happens if I run into problems with the animal I have adopted once I’m back home?

If the issue is a health problem, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. If the issue is a behavioural issue, please contact us so that we can help you find a solution. Depending on the problem in question, we will provide advice or refer you to an expert.

Can I exchange my pet if things don’t work out? Is there a trial period?

There is no trial period because we believe that adopting a pet is a decision that has to be given serious thought. It is our adoption counsellors’ job to find the best companions for your lifestyle for that exact reason: to avoid poor decisions. However, if you do have problems with your pet, we ask that you contact us at any time.

Why do you sometimes refuse adoptions?

Our aim is to find the pet that is best suited to a family, and the family that is best suited to a pet. We evaluate the family’s lifestyle carefully using the adoption form. When certain lifestyle habits are not suitable for a given pet, we will suggest another one. For instance, a dog that barks a great deal would not be suitable for a person living in an apartment. We have a duty to refuse matches like these and to find another animal that would better suit the adopter’s lifestyle.

Is there any follow-up after an adoption?

Adopters can contact us after an adoption if they have any questions about their new pet’s health or behaviour. We will be delighted to give you some advice or refer you to the appropriate resources.

What do I do if my pet becomes sick after the adoption?

We provide medical follow-up only on treatments carried out at the shelter. For all other medical issues, adopters should consult a veterinarian.

Will I have a health guarantee on my new pet?

We don’t provide a health guarantee, but a six-week health insurance policy is provided free of charge by AdoptSecur to anyone adopting a cat or dog.

Who can adopt an animal?


If I don’t find the animal that’s right for me, can you put me on a waiting list?

Unfortunately, we do not have a waiting list because we receive too many applications and we would be unable to do the required follow-up. Please check our photo album of animals available for adoption regularly!