Group class for puppies

We are please to offer group class for puppies between 2 and 4 months. These classes take place at our shelter of Boucherville. Dates will be regularly announced on our plateformes. 

Before filling the admission form, please read the following information :

  • Please note that classes will start on time at the start time indicated by email. No refunds will be possible in the case of late attendance. The entrance doors to the building are locked while classes are in session. As such, it is possible that late arrivals must wait several minutes before being let into class depending on availability of other staff members to unlock the door.
  • Please note that our teachers, at their discretion, can ask participants to exit the class for the following reasons at any time without refunds:
    • Any disregard for the sanitary and safety measures related to COVID-19
    • Physical or verbal aggression towards any person or animal during class time
    • Any disregard for the safety rules and instructions from the teacher during class time at Proanima
  • Upon registering for this class, you understand and accept that Proanima and its employees cannot be held responsible for the risks that other animals in the class or at the shelter may pose toward you or you animal.
  • Upon registering for this class, you understand and accept that Proanima and its employees are not responsible for the loss or breaking of personal items during your time in our facilities.

Upon filling out this form and returning it to us, you understand and accept the terms mentioned above and your response will be considered as a virtual signature.

Groupe class admission form - dogs aged 4.5 months old and up

  • A maximum of 2 people will be authorised to attend the class.
  • YYYY slash MM slash DD
    Your dog must be up to date on vaccines (first vaccines and bordetella, plus deworming in order to attend the class, please send proof of vaccination to us by email before the first day of classes :
  • This class is not for very reactive dogs, nor for dogs with aggression issues. For resources to help your dog if there are problems with aggression or reactivity, please contact our behavior specialists at 450-655-2525, extension 219
  • After your registration, we will send you a confirmation email within 24 to 48 hours. Please remember to check your spam box.