Animals Living Together

By Dorothée Pâris Pasturel • 25 January 2021


We often take it for granted that our pet will quickly get along with a newcomer. But welcoming a stranger to their territory can be difficult for your companion.

Most of the time, if they are introduced too quickly, the two animals can have a bad start to their relationship, which will be difficult to recover from later on.

Here are several tips to encourage the best harmony between your animals:

  • Place the new animal in a secluded room upon arrival at your home. Wait several days, or at least several hours, before introducing everyone.
  • Make sure your old companion has gotten used to the new one’s presence in his room before you introduce them.
  • Set up high places and hiding places for your cat.
  • Never carry your cat or put her in a crate when you present her to others.
  • Keep your dog on a leash to introduce him to your cats.
  • If the meeting is between two dogs, first let them discover each other in a neutral and non-stressful place (e.g.: a park or a garden).
  • Use rewards or games so everyone’s presence is associated with fun.
  • Be patient and don’t interfere in any quarrel. It would only make things worse.
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