How do I find a new home for my pet?

By Patricia Durocher • 28 January 2022

It’s never easy to have to part with your pet. First and foremost, we strongly suggest that you read our advice articles on keeping your pet in the family. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please write to us at info@proanima.com so that we can advise you properly.

If you find it unavoidable to have to part with your pet, we invite you to find a new family for your pet yourself, and to only consider only consider surrendering your pet to a shelter as a last resort.

But I trust the shelter more than the individual!

It’s very gratifying to know that most people trust us with their pets. However, it’s important to remember that
you’re the person who knows your pet best.
So you’re also in the best position to find him a suitable family.

Staying in a shelter is extremely stressful for your pet. He’s more likely to catch diseases and therefore less adoptable. What’s more, the animal’s behavior in the shelter is often very different from that at home, making it difficult for us to assess the animal perfectly.

How do I find a family I can trust?

Start by creating an ad for your pet. Take lots of great photos and videos. Then post them on your Facebook page with a complete and, above all, honest description. This is no time to hide your pet’s flaws!

  • Name
  • Age
  • Breed and weight
  • Health status (is he neutered, vaccinated, microchipped?)
  • Temperament (calm, excited, energetic, fearful of children)
  • What type of environment it has been used to (with children, cats, dogs, home)
  • His habits (walking every day, sleeping in the bed, playing with the cat)
  • Behavioral and health problems (jumping on people, barking, meowing at night)
  • Why you should get rid of it

Don’t be afraid of the judgment of those around you. People are very sensitive to the plight of animals and will certainly want to help you find a family for your pet. What could be better than placing your pet with someone you know?

If you don’t get any response from your friends and family, you can broaden your search to include pet adoption groups. There are dozens of adoption pages, and all you have to do is join these groups by searching for the keywords “adoptions” “animals” “cat” “dogs” or the breed of your companion.

If someone contacts me to adopt, but I don’t know them, how can I trust them?

First, by e-mail or telephone,
ask any questions you may have
to get to know the family better. If people seem honest, arrange a meeting with the prospective adopters and your cat. The first contact between the members of this household and your pet will be the best time to find out if adoption is possible. This way, you can be sure that he’ll be welcomed into a good family.

An adoption fee is at your discretion. However, be aware that asking for a large amount of money doesn’t guarantee you’ll find a better family, just as letting your pet go for free doesn’t mean you’ll only find bad families.

You can never be sure that your pet will be in THE best of homes, but that’s also the case if you take him to a shelter. Do your best, take your time, and think of your pet’s well-being first.

Sample ad:

Raffi is a beautiful 5-year-old neutered male. He is in perfect health and has visited a veterinarian in the past year. He’s a very playful cat who needs lots of stimulation. He tends to do bad things like break things when he doesn’t expend enough energy. Raffi sometimes pees on the floor, but not every day. Unfortunately, I have to find him a new family as he is showing signs of aggression towards my baby. He has never lived with dogs or cats. I think he would do well in a house or apartment with no other pets or children (or older children). I really like this cat and I’ve had a lot of fun playing with him. However, I realize that he deserves a better environment than I can offer him. Thanks for sharing.


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