I’d love to have a pet in my life! Les bonnes questions à se poser avant l’adoption.

By Patricia Durocher • 25 March 2019


First of all, ask yourself if you’re really ready for it. Avoid impulsive love at first sight.
Ask yourself the right questions

  • Do I have time for her? And how much time per day.
  • Do I have the budget for pet care? What happens if something goes wrong? (An animal needs maintenance and health care. It’s essential to set aside funds).
  • Am I ready to invest in special needs: health, education, behavioral problems?
  • What kind of lifestyle am I going to offer the animal? Rather quiet or rather active.
  • Can I have a pet where I live? Am I prepared to choose only pet-friendly homes?
  • Why do I want a pet? Because I’m bored? For sports? To give children a friend?


Based on your answers, it’s time to ask yourself
which type of animal is right for you

  1. A dog?

What a wonderful companion! Very attached to its humans, it loves to grow alongside us, and the love it shows us is very strong. How could we resist? Yes, but dogs also require a lot of time on a daily basis: going out several times a day, playing, stimulation, grooming, training (especially for puppies). Human schedules and expectations don’t always match a dog’s needs.

  1. A cat?

Such a gracious, gentle and simple friend! Our little felines are adorable creatures, both cuddly and independent. A cat often reflects simplicity: a litter box, a little play and little grooming. However, cats are very attached to their territory and routine. Sometimes, cohabitation with other animals can be problematic. As cats are more independent, their owners sometimes neglect health care and other obligations (licensing) and let kitty out without paying more attention.

  1. An exotic animal?

A rabbit, a bird, a guinea pig, a rat… There are so many waiting to find a home. However, the smaller the animal, the fewer its needs. These animals need playtime, environmental maintenance, a specialized diet and a stimulating environment. Exotic animals are one of a kind!

Once you’ve chosen your animal species, ask yourself:
where will I get it?

  • A breeder: yes, if you like a particular breed, and only if the breeder in question seems ethical in the way he operates and allows you to visit all his facilities. For greater certainty, make sure it is Anima-Québec certified.


  • A pet store: yes, but only if it adopts shelter animals or abandoned pets. Don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions about where the animals come from, so as not to encourage breeding factories.


  • A shelter : YES, especially as many animals are still rejected by the community. If you want to give an animal a second chance, this is the place to go. Behavioral and medical assessments are often carried out. They have been sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed and sometimes microchipped. And what a great opportunity to make a difference!

If you’re just starting out and want some guidance, do your research by asking local shelters, your vet and reading up on the subject. Once you’ve been informed, the important thing is to go with your heart. After all, having a pet is for life!



Dorothée Pâris-Pasturel

As an adoption officer, I’ve always been passionate about animals. I specialize in feline and canine behavior, and I love to share and deepen my knowledge of animal behavior.


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