New Partnership with the City of Montreal

By Dorothée Pâris Pasturel • 23 November 2023

We take great pride in announcing our new partnership with the City of Montreal in assuming the animal management responsibilities throughout the entirety of the City of Montreal. As of January 2026, we will operate a new shelter in the East End of Montreal with the eventual opening of a second shelter to be located within the West End of Montreal.

This new chapter is an opportunity to realize our mission on a grander scale: to inspire and raise awareness of animal respect and welfare, one person, one community and one city at a time.

Already we handle the management of dangerous dogs in the Montreal area, and as soon as the new shelter opens, we will be rolling out our full range of services. Notably, we attend to animals which are stray, abandoned and animals to be given away and providing specialized care such as sterilization and reuniting lost pets with their owners.

We are also pleased to continue our close collaboration with the SPCA de Montréal, which will handle the transition as part of the agreement. By pooling our expertise and resources with those of the City of Montreal and the SPCA of Montreal, we will be able to build a new team of 150 people for Proanima Montreal, and offer enhanced services to the 13 municipalities we already work with.

This announcement is possible thanks to the passion and hard work of our employees and volunteers. More than 36,000 animals have already been saved since our inception, and we are thrilled and more motivated than ever to know that we will be able to save thousands more pets in need! To find out more about this new partnership, please contact us at


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