How to Find a New Family for My Pet?

By Patricia Durocher • 28 January 2022

It is never easy to have to give up your pet. First of all, we strongly suggest that you read our advice articles about ways to keep your pet in your family. If you cannot find a resolution to your problem, you can write to us at info@proanima.com so that we can advise you properly.

If you have no other choice but to part with them, we urge you to find a new family for your animal yourself, and to consider leaving them at a shelter only as a last resort.

But I trust the shelter more than I trust individual people!

It is very gratifying to know that most citizens trust us to look after their pets. However, keep in mind that you are the person who knows your pet best. Therefore, you are also the one who will best be able to find a suitable family for them.

A shelter stay is extremely stressful for an animal. They are more likely to catch diseases, and therefore to be less easily adoptable. In addition, the animal’s behaviour in a shelter is often very different from their behaviour at home, and it is difficult for us to fully assess the animal.

How to find a family you can trust?

Start by creating an ad for your pet. Take several nice photos and videos. Then post them on your Facebook page with a complete and, above all, honest description. Now is not the time to hide your pet’s faults!

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Breed and weight:
  • Health condition: (sterilization, vaccination, microchip?)
  • Temperament: (calm, excited, energetic, fearful of children)
  • Type of environment they’re used to: (with children, cats, dogs, in a house)
  • Habits: (walks every day, sleeps in bed, plays with the cat)
  • Behavioural and health issues: (jumps on people, barks, meows in the night)
  • The reason you have to give them away:

Don’t be afraid of being judged by those around you. People are very sensitive to the plight of animals and will certainly want to help you find a family for your pet. What could be better than rehoming your pet with someone you know!

If you don’t receive responses from people close to you, you can expand your search to animal adoption groups. There are dozens of adoption pages out there and you can simply join these groups by searching for the keywords “adoptions,” “animals,” “cats,” “dogs,” or your companion’s breed.

If someone contacts me to adopt, but I don’t know them, how can I trust them?

First, by email or phone, ask them any questions you want to get to know the family better. If they seem honest, set up a meeting with the prospective adopters and your pet. The first contact between the members of this household and your pet will be the best moment to know if the adoption is possible. That way, you can be sure that they will be welcomed into a good family.

A fee for the adoption is at your discretion. However, be aware that asking for a large amount of money does not guarantee you will find a better family, just as giving the animal for free does not mean that you will only run into bad families.

You can never be sure your pet will be in THE best family, but that is also true if you leave them in a shelter. Do your best, take your time, and think about your pet’s welfare first.

Example ad:

Raffi is a magnificent 5-year-old sterilized male. He is in perfect health and has seen a veterinarian in the past year. He is a very playful cat who needs a lot of stimulation. He has a tendency to do bad things, like smashing objects, when he is not spending enough energy. Raffi sometimes pees on the floor, but not every day. Unfortunately, I have to find him a new family because he is showing signs of aggression towards my baby. He has never lived with dogs or cats. I think he would be happy in a house or an apartment without other pets or children (or with older children). I really like this cat and had a great time playing with him. However, I realize that he deserves a better environment than what I can offer him. Thanks for sharing.



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