Proanima: The Reason for This Change

By Dorothée Pâris Pasturel • 22 October 2019

On September 25, we changed our identity. The Services Animaliers de la Rive-Sud was proud to become Proanima, after several months of work by the communications team.

But what are the reasons for this change? Read on to learn more about the rationale behind this evolution:

Why did we decide to change our name?

  • To better represent the evolution of our services and our mission. Our mission is to inspire and educate people about respecting and caring for animals, one person, one community and one city at a time. That is why it is important that our new name and logo refer to both the services we provide to citizens and our services to animals.
  • To ensure that our name encompasses all the territories we serve or may be called upon to serve, such as Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, which is located outside the South Shore.
  • To make our name simpler and easier to remember.
  • To make our name easy to say both in English and in French.

Why that name?

The prefix Pro refers to several keywords that represent us: proactive, professional, protective of animals and pro-animals (in other words, involved in the animal cause). The Anima part refers, of course, to animals in a simpler and more sophisticated way. Moreover, the term anima, in Latin, means “breath, soul,” and is the root of the word animal.

Why did we choose this new logo?

The choice of the hand encircling the animal silhouettes suggests a strong link between humans and animals. It also represents the idea of support and protection. The animals are all looking in the same direction, towards the future, the direction towards which we are also turned. The addition of the rabbit is intended to communicate that we help all types of pets.

We kept two of our three colours for the sake of harmony and simplicity: orange to represent vitality and energy, and blue to reflect universality.

The chosen typography is rounded, expressing both modernity and proximity.

Why did we choose the slogan “Serving people. Helping animals”?

Our slogan is intended to express our main mission: to serve people and help animals. All our services and projects are reflected in these two simple and direct sentences. Our slogan really indicates what we achieve every day.


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